The COPD Foundation Partners with Patients to Speed Therapy Development 

Webinar | Wednesday November 7, 2018 | 1:00 – 1:30 ET

Enrollment delays and missed targets derail up to 50 percent of studies. Understanding that many patients are eager to participate in clinical trials, the COPD Foundation makes the process easier using a patient-centric approach that uses patient history, preferences, and other data to create a more thoughtful and sustainable process. Supported by a flexible technology platform, the Foundation provides an eConsent and eRecruitment experience that helps patients be well-informed and ready to engage in upcoming studies. 

Register for this free 30-minute panel discussion with COPD Foundation leadership to hear first-hand how organization's such as the COPD Foundation reduce costs, increase participation, and accelerate trials with patient-centric eConsent and eRecruitment technologies from DatStat.

Our Panelists


Elisha Malanga
Chief Research Officer

Sara Latham
Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Malanga
Chief Information Officer


Laura Biere
Director, Client Services